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woo opening my kik again <3 Strictly no nudes, under no circumstance.

Message me for my username!

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holy shit, the notes….


This has more notes than the ‘Make Dean in gym shorts the most reblogged pic on tumblr’

1 million more than the last time this crossed my dash.

lol you can still see the notes though.

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Anonymous sent: hi ! how are you and your mother ? i have two question for you : how many chapters will have Machine Gun Blues ? and when you will update ?

Hello there~ currently we are stable, thank you for asking. Stray and I are unaware of how many chapters it will be, since we are still writing it. The fic will be updated this weekend.

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Anonymous sent: ok, no problem at all ... but i'm so excited and loving this history then i need to read right now !

Here is the link for the next chapter! 

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Anonymous sent: So... Did you talk to her ?

I texted her, and she said she got very busy and forgot. We also wanted to wait for a couple more reviews to kick in. Stray and I have been busy this week, so I’m not sure if she’ll update today, or just wait until next week.

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Anonymous sent: you won't post this weekend Machine Gun Blues ?

I’m not the one who does the posting, stray is. But I will go ahead and ask her.

Duncney Drabble: 1920s Bonnie and Clyde AU

“You’re awfully chatty for a hostage,” he says, running the nozzle of the gun from her back to her side in a slow caress. “Almost like you ain’t scared of me.”

She’s watching her own hands shake as she pretends to search through keys. The door requires two keys to open, neither of which she has access to. But if she tells him that, she might be dead before she finishes the sentence. So she stalls.

“Maybe I’m not scared of you.”

For a second, she thinks he didn’t hear her. Then in an instant, he grabs her by her shoulders and spins her around, presses her up against the iron door with his weight. His face is inches from hers, amused.

She barely hears him over the drumming in her ears when he dips his head and kisses her pulse point. “Then maybe you’re in the wrong line of work, doll. Ever consider a life of crime?”

He sucks on the spot and Courtney’s eyes flutter to the back of her head as she drops her ring of keys with a clatter. She feels every which part of him pressing into every part of her and it takes every single fiber of her willpower not to moan. Her common sense is telling her to answer no, but God how she wants to say yes if it means more of this. 

She bites her tongue and shakes her head. “I can’t.” 

“Not even for a day, hm?” he asks against her throat, tugging at the neckline of her dress suggestively. “Not even for a night?”

“What’s stopping you from killing me right now?” she asks, warmth pooling in her stomach.

“Be a shame to ruin such a pretty thing,” he murmurs. “Besides, yer doing what I say. I like it when dames do what I say.”

Duncan pulls back and looks her right in the eyes, his own glinting. “So whaddaya say?”

Courtney breathes deep. She finds her sense. “Go to hell.”

(This is part of Stray and I’s Bonnie and Clyde Fic Machine Gun Blues. If you liked this, go ahead and read it HERE)

Be My Bad Boy: A Duncney Fanmix

1. She’s a Lady- Forever The Sickest Kids// 2. Criminal- Britney Spears// 3. I Must Be Dreaming- The Maine// 4. 50 Ways To Say Goodbye- Train// 5. Good Girls Go Bad- Cobra Starship// 6. Bad Boy- Cascada// 7. I Knew You Were Trouble- Taylor Swift// 8. Check Yes Juliet- We The Kings// 9. Hey Brittany- Forever The Sickest Kids// 10. Shut Up & Kiss Me- Orianthi// 11. Crazy Possessive- Kaci Battaglia// 12. Hot ‘N Cold- Katy Perry// 13. Fall For You- Secondhand Serenade// 14. Falling In- Lifehouse// 15. Miss Independent- Kelly Clarkson// 16. Hate That I Love You (ft. Ne-Yo)- Rihanna// 17. Stuck- Staci Orrico



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